June 16 Timeline

Caylee Anthony was last seen on June 16, 2008. Neither the State nor the defense disputed that she passed away on this day.

People want “Justice for Caylee.” The only way to achieve this is by figuring out what happened, as the former spokesperson for the Anthony’s stated:

I think the priority should be figuring out what really happened because that’s the only way that Caylee will ever get justice. It’s not seeing [Casey] behind bars and it’s not seeing her out of jail. It’s knowing what happened and the truth.

The only way to know what happened is to look at the events of June 16.

The following is a reconstruction of the timeline of June 16 using the digital forensics (cellphone and computer records) and witness interviews.

Casey Anthony Cellphone Records

Casey Anthony was always on her cellphone. Therefore, the cellphone records could tell who Casey was talking to and, more importantly, where she was. The location data was represented by the latitude and longitude coordinates of the closest tower to her cellphone.


“14076199286” was Casey Anthony’s number and “16319025443” was her boyfriend’s number. “14074629293” was her friend’s Jesse Grund’s number and “19543289214” was Amy Huizenga’s.

The call records speaks for itself. Casey’s father said she left home at 12:50pm. At that time, she texted and called her boyfriend. She received some text messages from Grund at 1:26pm.

At 1:44pm she had a long conversation with Huizenga which lasted until 2:20pm.

At 2:52pm she received a call from Grund which ended when her father called her. She did not answer her father’s call.

During the next hour, she received 3 Facebook text messages, but replied to none except the one sent by her boyfriend, “1697722”. She tried to call him but he did not answer.

At 4:10pm she started to call her mother’s cell and work phone repeatedly. At 4:18pm she texted her boyfriend. Over the next 20 minutes, she would try to call a few other people.

The location data indicated that she was in the area of her parents’ house until 4:18pm. She then drove to her boyfriend’s apartment which, was about 20 minutes away from the house, as described by the cell phone pings (map).

Anthony Home Computer Usage

The OCSO computer forensics unit copied the hard drive using Encase and viewed the data usage for June 16 (report). A graphic representation of the data usage for June 16 is pictured above. Each square represents a file that was created, written, accessed, modified, or deleted on the hard drive in the designated time column. The length of each column gives a sense of whether there was “light” or “heavy” computer usage.


From 7:56am – 8:06am, Casey had an AOL Instant Messenger conversation with a friend (read conversation). She revealed what she was doing on the computer:

checking up on all the myspace/facebook hoopla

At 10:27am, Casey uploaded a photo of the interior of Fusian nightclub to her Photobucket account (view account info).

The heaviest computer usage of the day was noticed between 2:00pm-3:00pm. It’s reasonable to assume that the activity on the computer involved social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Casey’s friends indicated that she “lived” on those sites. Assuming that Casey engaged in her normal computer habits, the length of the bar suggested that she was on the computer for the majority of the 2:00pm hour.

Blockbuster Surveillance

Casey and her boyfriend went to Blockbuster to rent movies around 8:00pm. They were captured by surveillance cameras.

Witness Interviews

In the early morning hours on June 16, Casey Anthony was on the phone with her boyfriend. He described the content on the conversations (transcript):

Just lovey-dovey stuff

Casey’s father saw her and Caylee leave the house shortly before 1:00pm (transcript):

Let’s put it this way like 10 minutes to 1 that afternoon on the 16th is when I actually saw Casey and Caylee together. They’re both leaving with backpacks and so my daughter said she was going to work and she was taking Caylee to the, to the nanny, to the babysitter.

Around 1:00pm she called her boyfriend, but he could not recall the content of the conversation. However, he indicated that they did not have previously set plans to meet up that day (transcript):

I, you know what? We probably didn’t even make plans until that day to hang out.

Shortly after that conversation, she called her friend Amy. There was nothing out of the ordinary described Amy (transcript):

… just life, friends talking.

Jesse Grund called Casey at 2:52pm and described the conversation he had with her as unusual (transcript):

Uhm, it was not, it was not a normal [conversation], if that’s a correct choice of words. Uh, [the conversation was about] the fact that her mom was no longer moving out anymore. Casey now had to find a place to live. Uhm, uh, she couldn’t stay at home.

Later that evening, Casey called her mother. Cindy recalled the conversation (transcript):

But I had gotten a phone call, God I don’t know what point in the evening, and said that um, she had a lot going on. And that she wasn’t gonna come home they were gonna crash at Zanny’s that night her and Caylee were gonna just stay at Zanny’s.

Chronological Breakdown

7:00am – 9:00am

Casey and Caylee probably woke up around 7:30am after Casey’s mother, Cindy, left for work. Casey’s father, George, often fed Caylee breakfast and probably did on this day as well.

She went on the computer to check her Facebook/MySpace updates and have an IM chat with a friend. She also sent a text to her boyfriend.

9:00am – 10:00am

There was no computer or cellphone activity during this time period. Presumably, Casey was eating breakfast.

10:00am – 12:00pm

Casey was back on the computer again. She uploaded a picture of the Fusian nightclub to her PhotoBucket account. She was probably talking to her boyfriend on Facebook while she was on the computer because she received a Facebook text from him at 11:43am. This would only occur if she was logged out of Facebook at that time.

Her boyfriend called her at 11:47am and they had a 20 minute conversation.

12:00pm – 1:00pm

At some point, Casey needed to get ready for “work” and needed to get her daughter ready, as well. She did not use the computer during this time period and there was no cellphone activity until 12:53pm.

Her father recalled seeing his daughter and granddaughter emerge from Casey’s room at 12:50pm. He walked them out to Casey’s car and saw them drive away.

She exchanged text messages with her boyfriend as she was leaving (or left) the house.

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Although George Anthony saw his daughter leave in her car, the cell pings indicated that she did not go far enough for her phone to switch towers, i.e. she was still in the vicinity of her house.

She called her boyfriend at 1:00pm and had a 15 minute conversation. She then exchanged text messages with another friend, Jesse, at 1:26pm.

She called her friend, Amy, at 1:44pm and they had roughly a 35 minute conversation. As stated above, Amy said the conversation was not unusual.

2:00pm – 3:00pm

Casey came back home shortly before or after 2:00pm. The heaviest computer activity was seen during this time period. It’s reasonable to assume that she was checking her Facebook/MySpace accounts again.

Her friend, Jesse, called her at 2:52 and described the 12-minute conversation as “not normal.”

3:00pm – 4:00pm

There was no computer activity during this time period and very little cell phone activity.

Casey’s father called her at 3:04pm, but she was still on the phone with Jesse. She ended that call and ignored her father’s call at the same time.

She received a few Facebook messages from different people but only responded to the one sent by her boyfriend at 3:35pm. She tried to call him but he did not answer.

4:00pm – 5:00pm

From 4:10pm – 4:14pm, Casey tried to get a hold of her mother by calling her cell and work phone. Four minutes later she exchanged text messages with her boyfriend. Her cell phone was pinging from a different tower, therefore she was no longer in the vicinity of her home. She probably was leaving (or left) the house when she started calling her mother.

She tried to call a couple people. Considering that there were no more calls/texts between Casey and her boyfriend, she probably was at his apartment around 4:25pm when she stopped calling people. This was validated by the fact that her phone was pinging the cell tower in the vicinity of his apartment.

5:00pm – 8:00pm

Casey was probably at her boyfriend’s apartment as indicated by the cellphone pings. She tried calling a few people but no one answered.

8:00pm – 12:00am

Casey and her boyfriend went to Blockbuster around 8:00pm. They rented two movies. They came back home and watched the movies with her boyfriend’s roommates.


Whatever happened probably occurred between 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

Did something accidentally happen to the child while Casey was on the computer between 2:00pm – 3:00pm? Or did Casey murder her child between 3:00pm – 4:00pm?

Which one is more reasonable?

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