Casey Anthony: Challenging the Duct Tape

I hate objections. I hate when testimony is cut short, especially when it is the opinion of a scientist. It’s not right. The truth should never be silenced. However, that is the way the judicial system works. If you do not like what is coming next, object and plead your case. Both sides were guilty of concealing the truth.

The Testimony Never Heard

After the trial, I wondered why the defense did not elicit testimony about the duct tape from Dr. Arpad Vass given his experience with decomposition. Then I remembered they called someone else. Dr. William Rodriguez, a forensic anthropologist, attempted to testify on June 18, but his testimony was cut short by the State (view testimony). They contended that the opinions he was going to render were not included in his written report. Personally, I couldn’t care less for the legal argument. Who cares if his opinions weren’t in a report? I wanted to hear what he had to say.

However, the prosecution didn’t. What was he going to say that had them scared?

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Casey Anthony: The Duct Tape

The duct tape was the main weapon for the State’s theory of murder. They alleged that Casey Anthony suffocated her child by forcibly wrapping duct tape around the child’s head covering both the nose and mouth.


Duct tape was located in a few places throughout this case. It was found on a gas can owned by Casey’s father (see photo) and on missing child posters created in 2008. However, this brand of duct tape was sold until 2006; therefore, one can infer that the Anthony’s had a relatively unused roll or multiple rolls of the rare-branded duct tape in the June/July 2008 time frame.

The brand is important because the same kind of rare duct tape was found with the remains of the child (see report) and about 6 feet away from the remains. Unfortunately and thankfully, the photos of the remains were released with significant blurring.  Therefore, I will rely on the testimony by Investigator Hanson (video), Dr. Utz (video), and Dr. Shultz (video) for my analysis. They were very detailed in reconstructing the scene as they found it.

Duct tape was found “adhered” to the hair which matted itself at the base of the skull. This, of course, led to speculation that the child was murdered and the State alleged that duct tape was the murder weapon. But does the evidence really suggest that the duct tape was on the child’s airways before death? That is the major question. I believe the remains, specifically the mandible, shed light on the answer. The following description of events may be too gruesome for some to read.

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